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The Beauteous Majesty of Denmark

Photo Credit Paul W. Gillespie

An irreverent and wild adaptation of William Shakespeare’s HamletThe Beauteous Majesty of Denmark manipulates the Bard’s seemingly archaic language to reveal the prevalence of misogyny in today’s society. As Ophelia struggles to escape her lover’s aggression and her father’s condescension, her society demands that she remain submissive. Rather than succumb to favor and to prettiness, however, Ophelia gains agency as she embarks into what her society considers madness - a landscape of dead flowers, folk songs, Barbie Dolls, and uncomfortable tampons. Amid a barrage of the Elizabethan and the contemporary, The Beauteous Majesty of Denmark considers that what Ophelia’s society perceives as madness may simply be a woman who dares to speak her mind. 

"Question the is.
Be to not be.
Be. Be. Be."

- Ophelia

Washington College Dept. of Drama 2014

Departmental Honors, The Stewart Award for Drama, & The Mary Martin Prize

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