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space | Place | NonPlacE

Photo Credit Laura Eckelman & Val Dunn

Space | Place | NonPlace began with a simple question: can theatre be non-anthropocentric?

This question took us to the Lake District of England, Southern Iceland, and Westminster, MD. Using the ecocritical construct of space, place, and non place, we investigated humans' relationships to their environments. Our process reflected my hope that this project would feed wonder with wander. We embraced creative tools of exploration: devising prompts, improvisational dance, and the oft-neglected gift of unstructured time to dwell in a place (or space... or nonplace). 

"I believe in man versus nature / being not so much the nibble this minnow gives my big toe, / but more my body born against my body – the ache in my thighs / where muscle has lost to land.”

- from Lines Written at Easedale Tarn

SANDBOX Exhibition 2015

Funded by the inaugural student/faculty grant from SANDBOX

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