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a new writers' group for playwrights, scriptwriters, & writers for live performance

Calling all playwrights, scriptwriters, and folks who write things for live performance! SCRAPS is a new group for writers to give & receive feedback on work in progress. 

(Dramaturgs, directors, and other new-script enthusiasts are also welcome, but do note that this group is writer-focused.)

Here's what each 3-hour meeting might look like:

  • ​1-3 writers bring in new pages

  • we read the pages out loud

  • the group shares feedback

Feedback will be respectful, enthusiastic, and tailored to meet the individual needs of each writer. We might follow the Liz Lerman method, or come up with something that works better for you!


Meetings will occur on a bi-monthly basis, somewhere in central or south Bristol. Exact schedule to be determined based on group availability.

I love snacks, so snacks will probably be present at these gatherings.


If you're interested, please fill out this form.
(even if you're not able to attend the 2 April meeting)

A few notes:

  • Unless a bajillion people express interest, there will be no formal selection/rejection. So long as you're a) interested b) respectful and c) have some experience writing, you're in.

  • You don't need to have had your writing produced to be a participating writer. But you should be committed to writing for the stage or screen and to developing the work of the other group members. 

  • You don't have to attend every meeting, but feedback slots will first be available to regular attendees. 

  • You don't need to be based in Bristol, but meetings will be held in-person in either central or south Bristol.

  • I am organizing this group, but I ultimately want a non-hierarchal structure where all participants have an equal say. 

  • This space will be queer & trans affirming. This space will not give a single fuck about borders. This space will uplift members of the Global Majority. This space will make itself accessible to all participants. Assholes need not apply. 

Questions? Feel free to email me at :) 

About Me: I am an American playwright & deviser. I moved to Bristol in June 2021 (my spouse is British). Prior to moving, I worked and wrote in the Philadelphia theatre scene for 7+ years. Writers groups were a huge part of my creative process, so I would like to recreate that structure for myself on this side of the pond.


I create plays at the collision of class, queerness, and rurality. My work contains a strong sense of place while pushing against the limits of form. As a maker and as a human, I put a lot of faith in earnestness, humor, and community.

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