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Johnny Depp: a Retrospective on Late-Stage Capitalism

Photo Credit Val Dunn

Join Johnny Depp – pre-teen heart-throb turned wino forever – for a retrospective on every film in his entire career, even the ones we didn’t watch, in order to ask… what happened? Bring your Edward Scissorhand poems, your Gilbert Grape anecdotes and Jack Sparrow memorabilia to toss onto the shrine turned dumpster fire Depp has created for himself. Part ritual and part drunken singalong, Johnny Depp: A Retrospective features rum, promiscuity and $30,000 worth of candles which we can pay for to watch the rich consume us all.

"Surrounded by enthusiastic Deppean super fans who had seen most of his films and who had fallen in and out of love with him since adolescence, I felt as out-of-place as a Puritan wearing a winter coat at a nudist beach. And yet, I enjoyed the evening... I had no idea what it was all about. Call me crazy,

but I loved the show.

- Henrik Eger, Phindie

"...a hilarious look at an icon of 90s cinema pop culture invites us to look critically at our support of such icons."

-Heather Simmonds, Deadline

"...a case study on the amount of ego and money steered into self-destruction"

- Chuck Schultz, Phindie 

Top '90s Throwback Shows - What'sOnStage

One of “The 11 most eye-catching show names at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival” - What'sOnStage

"such a fun show" - Jenna's Mom

"This may be the greatest performance of all time." - The Philly Quizzo


Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

Philly SoLow Fest 2019

Philly Theatre Week 2019

Funded by individual donors & Fergie's Pub

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