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We're just in the wee hours of this project, but we've been asking big questions: How do you show somebody the way you think? Does who you are fundamentally change from moment to moment? Are you as you when you are sad as when you are happy?


Currently conceived as an interactive and performative installation of Val's consciousness, a recent draft of [home.body] included projectiles made of tea leaves and grass clippings, an unattended stovetop, and the overlapping sounds of The Rachel Maddow Show and a long-saved voicemail from a dear friend. 

"When I was a young girl, I was a young girl and when I was little one summer, one summer I was little and there was a big storm. I was picking sweet cherries and I remember picking sweet cherries when it was that time of the month and I just wanted to lie down, so I snuck out of the sweet cherries to go home hoping they wouldn’t find me but there was a big storm. 

I was little, still, and there was a big storm that came suddenly over the pond

as I crawled out of my cherry tree toward home. And I was running toward the pond when lightning struck the water,

fast as a serpent’s tongue.

And then the fish rose up.”

- Mother

Co-Created w/Sally Ollove & Laura Eckelman

Developed with support from Centrum Artist Residency, Washington College, & the Bearded Ladies Cabaret 

Photo Credit Laura Eckelman

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