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down in the holler

Deep in a holler of the Shenandoah Valley, Juniper prepares to spend a perfect life in a perfect cabin with her perfect partner, Blake. Until Maeve appears. Telling tall tales and crooning high lonesomes, Maeve beguiles Juniper return to Gin - a past self who once lived and loved in this here house. As Juniper attempts to exorcise her pursuit of passion and maintain the stable life she's created with Blake, Down in the Holler witnesses a collision of class and queerness, ultimately asking how we reconcile who we were and who we thought we would become. 

“ Equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, delicate and raucous, DOWN IN THE HOLLER is a piece that should be produced widely. With four juicy female roles and an elegant circular structure, it's a delight to watch or read. ”

- Julia Bumke

Photo Credit John Flak, Elaina Di Monaco, Val Dunn

Reading, Play Penn 2018
Reading, Juniper Productions 2018

Reading, Writers on the Rocks 2017

Workshop, Writers on the Rocks 2017

Workshop, The Foundry @ Play Penn 2017

Semi-Finalist, Bay Area Playwrights Festival 2018

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