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carroll county fix

This summer, Tess has a plan: make a boundary-pushing documentary in the local Walmart parking lot, get a full-ride to fancy film school, and say goodbye to Carroll County for good. With her best friend Rach home from college, now’s the time to make it happen. But as they try to tell their town’s story, they find themselves asking: do they still agree on what that story is? Amid a chorus of croaking frogs, rattling pill bottles, wry humor, and heartfelt humanity, Carroll County Fix pushes past small-town clichés to explore the deep currents of change wracking rural communities. 


2 W, 2 M, 1 NB

100 Minutes

production history

Azuka Theatre, March 2 - 20, 2022

Dir. Priyanka Shetty


InterAct Theatre Company

University of the Arts


"...a scene between Crash and Pete on a cannabis-fueled trip inside the Walmart, underscored by Blake Shelton’s “Boys Round Here,” is a highlight of the show." - Broad Street Review

"This is a play we need on stages NOW. Funny, irreverent, and provocative - a study of rural America that will change the way you see our entire country. Highly Recommend!" - Jacqueline Goldfinger

"A really excellent examination of how relationships are irrevocably altered when one person stays and one person goes. Makes you ache for home in that way that is both comforting and painful. The characters in all their beautiful and broken ways slowly worm into your consciousness and stay with you long after you've left the theatre." - Erlina Ortiz

"Carroll County Fix is a hilarious, touching, intricate look at queer youth eager to break free from their small town trappings. Val's biting wit and humor perfectly balance the real hardships and pain on display through her mosaic of characters. A play that is demanding to be seen and experienced." - Douglas Williams

"One of my favorite pieces of theatre I've encountered in a long time! Carroll County Fix is brutally honest about the hardships facing rural towns, but also captures the unique moments of joy that can only come from your hometown. Delightfully and effortlessly queer, with some of the most accurate representation I've ever seen on stage (as a queer 20somethingyearold)." - Liv Shoup


© Johanna Austin |

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