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Bite Size Plays, Rituals, & Play  

In addition to full-length plays & devised work, I occasionally create bite size plays and rituals and other un-categorizable acts of play. These works celebrate the ephemerality of theatre. Akin to happenings, they have appeared in abandoned restaurants, back rooms of bars, and windy moors. They go up quickly, dance like flames, then smolder down to ash. Some are silly; some are reverent. All are a celebration of the human spirit. 

Fuck Me Be Me Bette Porter

You Can't Fail @ Tattooed Mom

Un-witnessed Yet Nevertheless Earnest Homage to Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights

Out on the Winding Windy Moors

100 Ways the World Could End

You Can't Fail @ Tattooed Mom

Untitled Ritual for Healing

Core Company @ The Orchard Project

(Email me for a bite size play of your own.)

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