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a shock of wheat

Harper and Charlie create elaborate rituals to explore the darkest parts of their friendship. Even hidden within their small town's wheat fields, these teenage girls live and die by the rule that it isn't gay if their lips don't touch. They make games of praying mantis sex and intimate violence. They dance with the dangers of the unsaid. When one witching hour’s ritual goes too far, Harper and Charlie must confront what’s revealed as their wheat field haven burns to the ground. 

"In health class, Mr. P told us that kissing is only one line above touching which is only one line above having sex. And we have to choose our own lines. Like, which ones we do and don’t want to cross. Because once we have sex with someone, for girls, when they have sex with a guy, it creates this emotional bond. Like co-dependency or something. And it’s really hard for girls to break that bond. Maybe more like Stockholm Syndrome.”

- Charlie

Developed with the Foundry @ PlayPenn & Writers on the Rocks 

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