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Runner Up - Jane Chambers Award for Excellence in Feminist Playwriting

"In addition to providing 4 excellent roles for women, Down in the Holler explores the complexities of  class and identity through compelling queer characters. The judges felt that [Val's] play offered a rich analysis of how love can be created from lack, and how poverty and place hold a person and embed in that individual an allegiance and inextricable identity. These characters respond differently to their economic circumstances, and yet, their sense of love and home is entangled in those circumstances. This is an often unexplored aspect of cultural identity and the fact that the exploration occurred via a queer couple, adds a feminist dimension, while simultaneously reminding us how ordinary - perhaps common - these human responses are. Judges appreciated the dynamic structure of Down in the Holler and found that the transformational use of space as dramaturgical framework to help express a Juniper/Gins interior journey as well as the journey through time and place was effective and exciting." 

Read more about the other winners here!


Performance - When Women Lost the Vote

Millions of American women were granted the right to vote with the ratification of the 19th Amendment in 1920, which marks its centennial in 2020. But more than a century earlier, women legally voted in New Jersey from 1776 – 1807. In a groundbreaking new exhibition, the Museum of the American Revolution will explore the little-known history of the nation’s first women voters—and examine how and why this right was ripped away in 1807. Featuring original objects including textiles, manuscripts, furniture, and art, as well as interactive elements and scenic environments, the exhibition will bring to life the forgotten stories of the women who first pioneered the vote. When Women Lost the Vote is an inspiring story that will encourage visitors to reconsider their understanding of the timeline of women’s history in America, but it is also a cautionary tale about one of America’s first voting rights crises.


Aug 22, 2020 - Mar 28, 2021

Museum of the American Revolution 

Stay tuned for more details! 


Zine - Alternative Facts About Real Flamingos/

Real Facts About Alternative Flamingos 

New zine in the works with Kristen Hammond. Get pumped for lots of jokes, occasional truths, and more flamingo puns than you thought possible or necessary.  

Whenever we get our shit together. Check out my other zines in the meantime here

After That

Performance - Down in the Holler

Down in the Holler is the winner of the 2020 Trustus Playwrights Festival! The Trustus Playwrights’ Festival began at Trustus Theatre in 1988. This festival accepts submissions nationally from playwrights seeking production of a full main stage production at Trustus Theatre. Past winners include David Lindsay-Abaire, Jon Tuttle, Deborah Breevort, Stephen Belber, Andrea Lepcico, and Sarah Hammond (to name a few).  

About the play: Deep in a holler of the Shenandoah Valley, Juniper prepares to spend a perfect life in a perfect cabin with her perfect partner, Blake. Until Maeve appears. Telling tall tales and crooning high lonesomes, Maeve beguiles Juniper return to Gin - a past self who once lived and loved in this here house. As Juniper attempts to exorcise her pursuit of passion and maintain the stable life she's created with Blake, Down in the Holler witnesses a collision of class and queerness, ultimately asking how we reconcile who we were and who we thought we would become.

TBD August 2021

Trustus Theatre (Columbia, SC) 

Stay tuned for more details! 

& Read the Play HERE

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"Val Dunn's keen intellect and huge heart make her a gift to her collaborators, and a joy to work with as a playwright... She brings light and laughter to her writing that remind us it is perfectly okay to go to frightening places, explore our own unending depths, because she and the work will guide us back to safety, once the hard work of the journey is through."

- Jacqueline Goldfinger, Michael Hollinger, & Quinn Eli

(The Foundry @ Play Penn)

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"[Val Dunn] is unflagging and voracious in her quest to feed herself artistically. This determination, coupled with her natural gifts, make me sure that she is an artist to watch. ."

- Sally Ollove (The Bearded Ladies Cabaret)

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"Val Dunn is the original Sole Survivor of the

Philadelphia theatre community."

- Erin Washburn (InterAct Theatre Company)

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