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Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for a sad someone you love? How about customizable journals? Want to educate a racist uncle this holiday season and support No More Deaths? Do enjoy jokes about flamingos? If you answered yes or maybe to any of these questions, you should buy one of my zines.

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Blog - New Pages Spotlight

"I appreciate that Azuka has taken a chance on me. They’ve chosen to amplify a budding queer voice. They’ve put me in the same room as playwrights vastly more experienced than me, giving us equal attention and resources. I have previously known the feeling of being an outcast and an underdog, but Azuka’s New Pages gives me the confidence to take myself seriously as a playwright." 

Read about what I was up to this summer & what I'm working on in New Pages here


New Zine

"The scope of ambition has changed. It is a psychic burden afforded by privilege." Stay tuned for more information on a new zine about our relationship to work & ambition. In the meantime, check out my other zines available for purchase here

January, 2020


Reading - O, Possum! 

The climate is in crisis, and so is the Mammalian Exhibit at Jumping Cholla Community Park — where a Park Ranger ‘deals’ with her feelings of inadequacy by biting off more than she can chew, sending butt-pics to her long-distance-eco-activist-girlfriend Thorn, and munching peyote with her best friend — the titular Opossum. But a bake sale gone awry turns out to be the last [single-use plastic] straw for our under-appreciated Park Ranger… who promptly punks out. At a park without a Park Ranger, things get wild: Opossum proposes eating our young, a rattlesnake attacks wall builders, and thugs beat up a culturally appropriative cactus piñata. How will the community of Jumping Cholla Community Park ever survive if they don’t work together as a community?! (Seriously, how? A balladeering Tumbleweed wants to know.) O, Possum! A (bleak) comedy about climate change, friendship, and dealing with the consequences of our inactions. 

March 2, 2020 at Azuka Theatre. It's free! But you can reserve tickets here!

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"Val Dunn's keen intellect and huge heart make her a gift to her collaborators, and a joy to work with as a playwright... She brings light and laughter to her writing that remind us it is perfectly okay to go to frightening places, explore our own unending depths, because she and the work will guide us back to safety, once the hard work of the journey is through."

- Jacqueline Goldfinger, Michael Hollinger, & Quinn Eli

(The Foundry @ Play Penn)

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"[Val Dunn] is unflagging and voracious in her quest to feed herself artistically. This determination, coupled with her natural gifts, make me sure that she is an artist to watch. ."

- Sally Ollove (The Bearded Ladies Cabaret)

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"Val Dunn is the original Sole Survivor of the

Philadelphia theatre community."

- Erin Washburn (InterAct Theatre Company)

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